Patrick Ian White

OK, this is going to be a bit of a biography with more details then you could glean from my FAQ.
I'm going to skip ahead quite a few years here until high school. Basically before that, there's not much to say. I'm an army brat; I've lived in: Temple, Texas(born there); Ft. Hood, Texas ('75); Ft. Polk, Louisiana('75-'78); Aschaffenburg, Germany('78-'82); Ft. Carson, Colorado ('82-'86) & Colorado Springs, Colorado('86, '87); Truth or Consequences, NM ('86-'87); finally Nashua, New Hampshire('87-'92).
My father got me started in theatre by dragging me to rehearsals. I developed a fondness for backstage work from those years. My father is also responsible for my interest in RPGs. I don't play any more... which is more do to a lack of guys to play with than non-interest. I did normal kid stuff growing up. That's all.
I say this right out, high school SUCKED for me. I had a few close friends but mostly it was just a place to be between sleeping and theatre. I was an OK student, underachieving honour student more like it. In subjects I liked (ie ancient/medieval history, German, archaeology) I got very good grades; in subjects I disliked (or teachers I hated) I flunked (ie geometry, physics, Mr. Minichello's history class). However, I graduated none the less in '92. I was active in Odyssey of the Mind (OM) [GO Team Purple Plaid!] through out high school (8th grade too) but little else. My high school's drama club sucked, technically speaking, so I worked exclusively with the Nashua Actorsingers.
Right after high school, I enlisted in the US Coast Guard. I didn't stay in long and moved to Boston. Things went from bad to worse there so I moved back to Nashua as soon as I was able. I stayed in Nashua a few months before moving to Laconia (NH) I worked at the public library, made a few friends... the normal stuff. I decided to go to college so I applied to Plymouth State College. Originally, I wanted to get a BA then go on and get a Masters in Library Science. I have since changed my mind.
For me, PSC was great. I loved most of my classes and did very well in them. I got very involved in the Medieval Society and occasionally the Gaming Club as well. I worked at Lamson Library for three years in the Circulation dept. Most of my time was of course taken up my many shows that I was working on. I think my favourite one would have to be Tommy. I even had my acting debute there as Tommy in Eugene O'Neil's Ah, Wilderness! During my stint at PSC, I, when not in class or in the theatre, hung out at the HUB (the student union), and drank lots of coffee with my friends, most of the time either Dave DiLego or Jeff Orlinski.
In May of '98, I graduated (magna cum laude!) from Plymouth State College with double majors in Theatre & Humanities and a minor in Medieval Studies. The next year I decided to give a go at an MFA in Stage Management at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)
The reason I went there was to get some more practical theatre experience before setting out into the academic world. Well, I picked the wrong place. Now... CCM's a great place to see shows, but it lacks something as an educational institution in my opinion. I feel than in the effort to create B'Way quality productions they often lose sight of the students. Also, academically, the department is weak (a few classes outstanding) another fact which doesn't quite fall into my idea of theatrical education. [BTW, I have a great dislike for BFA programs in general]
At CCM, I was almost always in Corbett, in fact I almost never left it. I was snuggled away in rm #3700 (dance divison hallway) with my fellow directing/arts admin grads. Jeff Griffin and I had many a reading/bitching/complaining session there. I think the only person I miss there would be Michael Burnham, he seemed to be the only who gives a damn about anything but themselves and their careers.
So in the Fall of '99 I started again from square one. I enrolled in the MA in Drama program at the Centre for the Study of Drama at the University of Toronto. In November of '00, I convocated from the MA and begin my PhD studies at UofT in earnest. I'd planned on mixing research into Medieval Theatre with actual productions. However, for personal and financial reasons... I've taken a leave of absence. How long will it last... can't say right now.
In 1999-2000, I managed to squeeze in work on a few productions. First it was ASM and props for Doctor Faustus. Loved that job: the blood, the sweat, the pints at the Ferret! I still have the wooden sword I made for Benvolio. The next was Camino Real by Tennessee Williams double-jobbing as SM and Set Designer. What can I say... um, I loved my cast. The director and I hated each other, but then again he did gather the whole cast together 15 minutes before our Sunday matinee to tell them in a drunken stupor that they all sucked. Well, I hope he gets a clue and retires soon. Next was my spin as Props Master (again) and as a Policeman in The Bald Soprano. I had one line and about ten minutes of stage time. As an added bonus, I got to shoot the Clock... talk about killing time! Even though I said I wouldn't do it, I worked on a FOOT (Festival of Original Theatre) show. The director, Grae, ambushed me in the library then paid for my services as a stage manager with two boxes of Oreo Double Stuff cookies. I even was the backup SM for another production for a few Reese's peanut butter cups. Starving student indeed!