Patrick's cats, Scamper and Sammie
My Cats

Cat Codes
My kids:
AS+NF? B+W Y 9 Y L++ W+ C+++ I++ T+ A E++ H++ S+++! V F- Q P+ B- PA++ PL+++
AS+BU? B+W Y 8.5 X L W- C+++ I++ T++ A++ E H+ S++ V--- F- Q+ P B PA PL-

Andrew's kids (who are 50% mine):
AS B+w G 9 Y+ L++ W++ C++ I++ T++ A- E++ H+ S+ V++ F- Q-- P+ B PA+ PL+
AS B+W G 9 X+++ L W C++ I++ T+ A E H S++ V+++ F- Q P B PA PL+

Both of my kids are strays, so I have to guess at their lineage. Scamper has a Norwegian Forest build and temperment, while Sammie has definite Oriental features. But they're basically shorthairs. No, they are not twins! No, they are not from the same litter! They might be related, but that's all I can say. Davis and Talbot are littermates however. Andrew has had them since they were born.

Talbot, elegantly draped over the back of the couch Davis, hiding in a box

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