scruffy's Fan Fic

I think the first bits of fan fic I ever read was OZ slash. That led to H:LotS slash, then Buffy slash then finally X-slash. Since, I'm a comic fan already I settled in and have never left. While I don't consider myself a writer per se, I have written a few pieces which I have included here. I have also listed a few sites that I really enjoy along with some recs from those sites.

My work:

  • Logan's boy (Logan/Remy) NC-17
    Summary: Logan's in a mood and decides only a Cajun can make it better.
    Warnings: strong language, slash, mild bondage

Favourite Fan Fic Links

  • Kethry & eoen (various fandoms)
    Everything they write is great. Seriously. A few top the list though Truth Brings, the whole The Two's Company, Four's...? series and of course, the My Good Boy Series. (its hard to track down so here's a link to the whole shebang)
  • x-tricks (X-Men)
    I don't think you can mention Kethry & eoen's awesome Logan/Remy series without referring to x-tricks' version as well. Read the Training series and the This Ain't Love series.
  • Hollow Man a Chamber Archive.
    Read Cassandra West's story Drinking Games and the sequel: Discoveries, Negotiations, Consequences. Fucking brilliant.
  • Blu Fiction (X-Men)
    Blu writes great Hank fiction. Especially his Hank/Logan pairing Out of the Blue & Into the Fur
  • Paxnirvana
    More yummy Hank fic! Read Stranger Blue
  • The Dark Vault (various fandoms)
    This is collection of various stories/authors.
    I gonna rec a Logan/Hank one, Anywhere's A Better Place To Be by modulegirl & a Logan/Remy one Shared Peace by Rocky-cat.
  • Jane St. Clair's fiction. (various fandoms)
    Hurray for Hank fiction! You have to read Blues, Homecoming & the Handbasket series written with Te.
    Go to her The Authority page. Read Frozen. Its a great Apollo/Midnighter piece.
  • Wolverine X-Fiction (Wolvie... duh)
  • Le Diable Blanc (Remy fan fic)
  • MoFic (X-Men, Scott/Logan mostly)
  • Woven Dreams Eiluned's fiction (various fandoms)

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