The World Famous Patrick FAQ

What is your full name
Patrick Ian White
Are you named after someone?:
I'm not sure, Mom wanted Ian Patrick because she hates nicknames, but I guess Dad won out on this one. Interestingly enough, I have a cousin a few months older than me named Patricia Ann... eerie, don't you think?
Do you have any nicknames?
Scruffy or Patch.
Never 'Pat', I hate that name.
If you could change your name what would it be?
I like my name, although I might switch it to Ian Patrick, so no one calls me Pat anymore.
What is your birthdate? Your astrological sign?
31st of August, 1974; Virgo.
Do you have siblings?:
Yes, one older brother named Collin. He is 15 months older than me, is an environmental biologist and lives in Nashua, NH, USA.
Where do you live?:
Currently in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Where have you lived before?:
Temple, TX, USA ('74) Ft. Polk, LA, USA ('74-'78)
Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany ('78-'82) Ft. Carson, CO, USA ('82-'86)
Colorado Springs, CO, USA ('86, '87) Truth or Consequences, NM, USA ('86-'87)
Nashua, NH, USA ('87-'92, '94) Cape May, NJ, USA ('92)
Boston, MA, USA ('92-'94) Laconia, NH, USA ('94-'95)
Plymouth, NH, USA ('95-'98) Cincinnati, OH, USA (aka Hell Hole) ('98-'99)
Toronto, ON, Canada ('99-'01) Burlington, ON, Canada ('01)
Mississauga, ON, Canada ('01-'02)  
Where do you work? What do you do
I do nothing at the moment.
Describe yourself...
Hair: Reddish-Brown, cut rather short.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 145 lbs
Facial Hair: Some, a scruffy beard actually.
Do you have any pets?
Between my partner and I, there are 4 cats living with us. Two I brought in to the fold (Scamper & Sammie) and two he dragged in with him (Davis & Talbot). Check them out on their own page.
Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrous:
I write with my right, eat with my left, throw with my right, bat with my left... but punch with both hands equally well. ;)
What's your favorite food?
Western/American: Salmon broiled with a bit of garlic butter, Ethnic: Sushi (unagi maki)
What's your favourite sandwich?
PB & J (Grape Jelly) or Corned Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Honey Mustard, Munster cheese on a toasted egg bagel.
What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
Hard Cider (mostly Woodchuck or Strongbow, but I like other brands too)
Guinness is a close second with Otter Creek Copper Ale coming up third.
What's your favorite shot (shooter)?:
Probably a B-52, although I also go for Oatmeal cookies.
Never Tequila... nothing makes me yerf quicker than that stuff.
What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Mochaccino with a shot of Hazelnut. (From Second Cup, 'cuz Starbucks sucks) or apple cider.
What's your favorite soda?
Mountain Dew (Root Beer and Cream Soda round out the top three)
Favorite game?
Board game: Pente or Go
Computer game: (tie) Civ II & Asheron's Call
RPG: Morrow Project
Favorite Movie?
The Seven Samurai
(some of my other favorites are: The Lord of the Rings, Bridge on the River Kwai, Zulu, X-Men, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, A Midwinter's Tale, Cold Comfort Farm, and Wilde)
Favorite Movie seen recently:?
The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Favorite Color:
Grey ('duh)
(but I also like Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Black and White)
Favorite Band/Musician:
Sevendust, A Perfect Circle, Morphine, Tool, Rammstein, Rob Zombie (and White Zombie), Metallica, Brahms, Holst.
Favorite Book:
The Hobbit (Short people rule!)
Favorite Play:
Shakespeare: Richard III; Other: (tie)The Importance of Being Earnest & Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Favorite TV Show:
OZ, definitely OZ.
Actually, I don't have much time for TV. I tape OZ and also try to catch CSI, Law & Order, Buffy, The Simpsons, The X-Files, & This Hour has 22 Minutes whenever they are on.
Who is your favourite X-Men character?:
I guess I would have to go with Nightcrawler. He is great, he looks cool, has a conscience and likes Errol Flynn movies! I also like Northstar, Banshee, and of course, Wolvie!
Favorite Oz character:
Well, I'm rather fond of both Beecher and Hill. I think Schillinger is a very interesting character as well, although I'm hesistant to say that I actually *like* him.
Favorite Actor/Actress:
I like many different actors, but a short list would consist of Ian McKellen, Alan Rickman, Al Pacino, Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline and Derek Jacobi. As for actresses, I simply adore Kate Winslet. (Ok, maybe I'm a bit of an Anglophile)
Favourite Commercial:
The one with the dog that sits on a chair and yaps for like 20 seconds then fades to black with a a voice over saying "Duct Tape 25% off" or something like that. From
Who have you known longest of all your friends?
That honour would go to Mary Lee Matuza. Met her in grade 8. We hated each other. Then became friends. Lost touch after I graduated from high school. Then miraclously met up again in the hell hole known as Ohio.
What do you think about Ouija Boards?:
A rather well thought out money making scheme for Parker Bros.
What's on your mouse pad?:
Nothing... don't have a mouse pad... I have a track ball.
What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning:
Morning... who the hell wakes up in the morning? I'm only alive from 1pm until 5am.
How many rings before you answer the phone?:
Hey! I have a machine that does that for me!
What college/university did you go to?:
Plymouth State College (Plymouth, NH) BA in Theatre & Humanities with a minor in Medieval Studies '95-'98
University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) spent one awful year in the crappiest MFA program in Theatre Design & Production (Stage Management) '98-'99
University of Toronto (Toronto, ON) MA in Drama, with emphasise on Medieval Drama in Performance '99-'00
University of Toronto (Toronto, ON) PhD in Drama. My work focused on the English Medieval pageant wagon, its dimensions and structure '00-'01.
What high school did you go to?:
Nashua Senior High School, class of '92.
One Crazy Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:
Sail solo around the world.
Future children's names:
I HATE children. I've done enough kiddie shows to understand this. I might make a good uncle though... the one who gives noisy toys.
What are your career goals:
Professional Renaissance Man
or more realistically speaking, something that will pay my bills and not deplete my soul... any suggestions?
If You Could Change One Thing About Your Body, What Would it be?:
I would like to be taller, at least 5'7".
What is your sexual preference?
I rather partial to gay guys like myself.
Do you like to dance?:
Never. Well, actually, I only dance slow dances as a rule. I'm not sure mosh pits count as dancing, but I like those too.
Do you have any tattoos?
Yes, quite a few now. You can see most of them on my Gallery pageThey are: a koi on my right calf; a compass/ship's wheel on my right tricep; a celtic/tribal band on my right bicep; two japanese kanji right underneath the compass/ship's wheel (stealth on the left, strength on the right) and a Oriental style dragon surrounded by crashing waves with a lotus blossom on my left arm and a dog's paw made up of celtic knotwork between my shoulder blades just under my neck. The Koi was done at Designs by Dana in Cincinnati. The others I had done at Abstract Arts in Toronto. The celtic/tribal band was done by Stan Wong and the rest by Bill Read. The japanese kanji were done by Stewart from New Tribe in Toronto. The paw was done by Carl at Way Cool Tattoos in Toronto.
Who was your childhood hero?:
Nathaniel Bowditch
In born in Salem, Mass. In 1773, Nathaniel Bowditch would later be regarded as the Father of Modern Navigation. He was apprenticed to a ship’s chandler at the age of 12 and by the age of 22 went to sea like the rest of his family. Between the years of 1795 and 1802, Bowditch wrote the New American Practical Navigator. This book revolutionized the way sailors charted the seas and is still in general use today. The most significant aspect of Nathaniel Bowditch is, IMHO, the fact that he had no formal schooling after the age of 10. All of his work as a navigator, mathematician, translator and scientist came from his own self-taught studies.
Keirsey Temperament:
ISTP although I have scored INTJ before too.
Bear Code:
B2 f- t-- c++! g+ k+ s- m r
What colour hanky is in your pocket?:
Right pocket: Hunter Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Light Blue and sometimes fuchsia (ugh! what a lame colour!) If if ever found one, I tuck a little teddy bear into my pocket... a hunter green bear with a grey tummy and paws. That would be too cool. Left pocket: err... nothing.
What Word(s) Best Describe(s) you:
Off-Kilter, yet nice in a quasi-bland sorta way.
Also, the boy next door with a twist.
Have you ever...?
Been In Love?
...blind love?
yup (Shudders) love?
hell, yeah!
Been in a quiet room and screamed so there would be some noise?
Er, no. (stupid question)
Left The Country?
Which one?
Taken Any Illegal Substances?
Does eating paste count?
Ever gone out in your PJs:
Oh yeah, like I wear PJs, whateva!
Set Yourself Or A Body Part On Fire?
Nope, I ain't that stupid
Cheated On A Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
Nope, I dump 'em, wait 5 seconds then go for it.
Pretended you were an opera singer?
Once pretended to be Freddie Mercury... does that count?
Kept A Secret From Everyone?:
If I told you... it wouldn't be secret now would it?
Actually Thrown Shoes Onto A Phone Wire?:
Yeah... but they weren't my shoes.
Had a crush On A Teacher?:
Hell, yeah!
Done Something Stupid To Impress Your Crush?
What me? Do something stupid?
Laughed so hard you cried?:
Think so.
Found A Cartoon Character Attractive:
Does a Marvel character count? If so... hell, yeah!
Called Or Seen A Psychic:?
I don't think so!
Acted out of the ordinary?:
What I think its ordinary... other people get locked up for.
Prank Called Someone?:
Hell, yeah!
Gotten In A Car Accident?:
I wasn't driving... I swear!
Fallen down the stairs?:
Got pushed once.
Seen The Eiffel Tower?: